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About Us

Almost 30 years of hard and hard work have made NS BOMI a company trusted by consumers, distributors and large producers alike.


In a 30-year-long tradition, turning obstacles into challenges, we have created a large family consisting of our customers, employees and collaborators. We continuously push the boundaries while maintaining the dynamics of development with the process of expansion and systematically increasing the efficiency and capacity of existing resources.


The retail team daily welcomes and serves thousands of satisfied consumers in a pleasant atmosphere and with a widely recognized availability and courtesy. Every day we strengthen the ties between all participants in the business process, thus creating a sense of belonging to the company.


Within the company Ns Bomi d.o.o. In Obrenovac, in 2017, a production facility based on the production of confectionery products began operating. The quality of production and products was confirmed through certified standards in the field of food safety.

The facility is equipped with the prescribed HACCP and IFS standards, with currently two lines for the production of biscuits (total capacity 16 tons per day), as well as a line for the production of cream products (4.5 tons per day).


Modern technology, technological production processes as well as carefully selected raw materials make it possible to preserve all the nutritional properties of the product.

The production process, based on traceability, supervision, quality in the entire production chain, with compliance with all strict hygiene and health protection measures, ensures the highest product quality.

Our team of technologists implemented superior knowledge and experience in the production process following innovations and consumer expectations in order to continuously contribute to the quality offer on the market.

Proud of our own production facility, we decided to make our products with uncompromising quality and good taste a part of a tradition that will last longer than we who started this story.

Our goal is to enable consumers to enjoy the best flavors of our brand as much as possible with a quality range of products.


Our distribution network covers the entire domestic market, a large number of European countries, while our products can be found on other continents as well. In addition to our production, we also distribute several world brands for which we are authorized importers and distributors. We have our own storage space for both products that are not subject to the temperature regime and those that are subject to the temperature regime, while the distribution is carried out by regime vehicles of our own fleet.

With the application of the most modern management system in the warehouse, the WMS system, we are ready to satisfy all client requests at any time.

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